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"When someone first suggested I try yoga I was sceptical, to say the least! Being used to exercising at the gym I couldn't see how 'standing about' in different postures could be of any benefit to my health. However since starting Jaime's Body Mind yoga I have seen, quite quickly, improvements in strength, tone, as well as in my mental well-being. Yoga is teaching me a lot about myself, and I feel calmer since starting my 'yoga journey'. Something I hope to continue until I'm incredibly old!! Thank you Jaime for inspiring my love of yoga!"

C.B Balsall Common

"Being new to yoga I am totally smitten! Jaime makes the classes fun but you also know when you've worked hard!! A great overall workout for mind and body, great when you're normally rushing around from one thing to the next."


"Jaime's class is conducted at a great pace. We learn all the time but feel easily involved and come away feeling serene and with a sense of well being." 


E. Jackson

"As a complete novice, I have found Jaime's classes a revelation. Everything is explained so clearly and in such a positive atmosphere. I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed it! I feel like I have improved in the short space of time and know that this will continue with Jaime's support and encouragement. I always have a bit more spring in my step after a yoga session! Thanks for  your help Jaime!"

Mrs Smith

Jaime's BodyMind Yoga Logo

"Jaime makes the class enjoyable, relaxing and very informative."



"I always feel relaxed after the class and ready to take on the day! Greater flexibility and muscles feel more toned. I am enjoying my improvement little by little each week!"



"I would recommend Jaime's BodyMind Yoga for anyone thinking about taking up yoga. Her teaching style is brilliant and everything is explained clearly and the stages are easy to follow. I never thought I would enjoy an exercise class soo much and I am enjoying seeing my progression in each of the sequences. To quote Jaime. Yoga days really are GOOD days!!!"



"Jaime is a great teacher. She strikes just the right balance between helping you feel comfortable and inspiring you to push a little further. I have really enjoyed yoga with her."


Jo Rochford

"I look forward to Jaime's class every week. Jaime is an inspiring expert. My strength and flexibility have improved and I love the chance to breathe and meditate."



"Since starting Jaime's classes my mental health has improved - I feel more in control. My flexibility has improved. I used to suffer from various aches and pains from running and my work - they have all gone!!!"

Mrs Reid

"Jaime's yoga has enabled me to have ''ME'' time, which was much needed!! Its taught me to listen to my body more and try and address the crippling stress damaged body , induced by years of not doing yoga!! At the tender age of 40 I have been left with many ailments and illness which I now realize are a direct response to very stressful factors I have had in my 40 years young!! Through yoga, I am trying to redress the balance between emotional deep rooted issues which have become physical weaknesses. I still have to push myself to go to a class as I do feel guilty taking the time for myself!! After an hour and half of yoga I feel full of boundless energy and 'switch on' my bandhers throughout the day. I am actually surprised at how much I enjoys Jaime's yoga - but that is definitely down to the teacher!!!"



"The classes are fantastic and I already feel calmer, and my body feels stronger and more flexible."


Mrs Winters

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