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Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin Yoga is a very relaxed and restorative type of yoga.  If you already practice yoga regularly it will be a more 'yang' or energetic practice. Yin yoga creates a wonderful balance to the traditional yoga practice. It is a fusion of the ancient teaching of yoga along with the Chinese medicinal teachings.


Poses are usually held for up to 5 minutes in a supported and relaxed way using bolsters, pillows, blankets and blocks. This style of practice is suitable for everyone as it is so relaxing and meditative. This really helps you to slow down, which we all need! Yin works on the body using the Chinese meridian system, so certain poses help certain areas of the body. It's great for the mind, but also great for the body as it targets fascia and joint health and helps improve flexibility.

In this workshop I'll give an overview of the practice and then we will  practice a number of the yin yoga poses. You will then be treated to a  lovely long yoga nidra (yogic sleep - which is a type of deep restorative relaxation/meditation. Bliss!). 


This workshop will be a  great way to release all of the stress that is our modern life right now and restore your balance!


An added bonus is that this practice usually = a great night's sleep!

Come and join me and experience an  introduction to Yin yoga. Suitable for most students. I literally haven't met anyone that doesn't enjoy this wonderful style!! 

Booking essential.


Next Workshop Dates

Sunday 17th March               6pm - 8:30pm         

Sunday 14th April.                6pm - 8:30pm           

Sunday 12th May.                6pm - 8.30 pm  £25

Sunday 9th June. Gong bath special                                                                          6 pm - 9.15p     £35

Sunday 14th July.                6pm - 8.30 pm   £25 

Sunday 15th Sept.                6pm - 8.30 pm   £25



Yin Yoga & Gong Bath

All of the usual treats with the yin yoga postures, breath work, meditation and some chanting but with the added bonus of a sound healing gong bath to finish. Come and 'bathe' in the healing vibrations of sound, which is a form of healing that dates back to the ancient times, offering relaxation and emotional release by removing energetic blockages, benefiting both the physical and emotional self.


It is certainly something to experience! Book on to see what it's all about. 

Next Workshop Dates

Sunday 9th June        6:00-9.15pm      


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