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Health and wellness coach

Dan Edwards

Dan the ice man visits Jaime's Body Mind Yoga.

Breath and ice bath workshop. Saturday 27 April 2024. 11- 1.30 Balsall Common.

Swimming in winter
Swimming in winter

Challenge yourself !

     In this workshop you will learn:          

What stress is and how it affects us.                                 How breathing impacts stress.

How to breath functionally.

Why breathing through the nose is so important.           The importance of sleep and recovery.

How to use the breath to feel more focused, calm and relaxed. 

How to use the breath to feel energised, alert and release emotions.

The benefits of cold water exposure ( ice bath ) and how to do this safely.

You will feel brilliant after this workshop

With chronic stress becoming one of the leading causes of disease and poor mental health worldwide, learning how to manage our stress levels can have a profound effect on our overall wellbeing. Our breath is intimately connected with our stress levels because it's connected to our nervous system.       By learning to breathe functionally and intentionally , we can become the master of our own life. Through shifting the breath, we can learn to manage our stress levels better and consciously change how we feel from moment to moment. It is powerful stuff!

Image by Martina Vitáková
In the ice bath section of the workshop, you will learn about the incredible benefits of cold exposure. From cultivating self discipline, to handling stress, to promoting physical and mental health. The ice bath is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you take your health and wellness to the next level.Boosts your mood and combat symptoms of depression.        Can help to reduce inflammation and relieve localised pain, aid exercise recovery,  improves circulation and your skin will glow. Bonus, it boosts the  immune system too.
Saturday 27th April 2024.
Balsall Common 
11 am - 1.30pm
£45 per person
Places limited.
Email to book your place.
What a great experience this would make as a Christmas gift!   Gift vouchers are available.
Ice Blocks
Ice Blocks
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